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What to Expect

Neuropsychological Testing 

Scheduling an Assessment

  • In order to schedule a patient we must have a completed referral from a provider.

  • Once the referral is received, a Frontier Health and Wellness (FHW) representative will contact you to begin the intake process and supply you with the initial paperwork. 

  • Once FHW receives the completed initial paperwork from the patient/guardian they will contact you to schedule the initial screening appointment. 

1. Initial Screening Appointment

  • Once FHW has received the initial screening information we will start working on your intake which entails:

    • Contacting your medical insurance provider and starting the pre-authorization for services.  ​

    • Creating any and all Release of Information documents so your provider can request the appropriate records needed for your assessment.

    • Creating a payment plan based on your medical insurance coverage and benefits.

  • Your screening appointment will entail a full review of your medical insurance benefits and financial responsibilities.  

    • You will be required to put together a payment plan (a maximum of 4 installments) or pay in full the estimated cost for services at this time.​

    • The 1st financial installment (if choosing a payment plan) will be due at this time.

  • You will be required to complete all Release of Information forms as well as the FHW Neuropsychological Assessment Intake Forms.

  • All other questions or information that is needed from the provider or FHW will be addressed at this time. 

2. The Interview
  • This will be the first face-to-face clinical assessment with your provider.  

  • Your interview should be expected to last around 1 hour.

  • If the patient is a minor or under guardianship, the provider will meet with the guardians/caregivers as well as the patient.  This may require more time.

  • The 2nd financial installment will be due at this appointment.

A NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION for your Interview will result in a $200.00 charge.

3. Day of Testing

  • You will be notified by your provider or a member of the FHW Team what length of time is to be expected, but be prepared for testing that will last anywhere between 4-8 hours.

  • If the patient is under guardianship or is a minor, the guardian must remain onsite for the duration of the appointment. 

  • To maintain a quiet testing space as well as patient confidentiality, we request that each patient only have one (1) support person with them during testing.  This also requires that parents/guardians coordinate alternative care for other children for the duration of the appointment.

  • Lunch breaks are provided. There are quite a few restaurants close to the clinic but we do suggest that you bring your own food to preserve time. 

  • The 3rd financial installment will be due at this appointment.

A NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION for your testing day will result in a $500.00 charge. 

4. Feedback Session

  • This session will be used to discuss with your provider the preliminary results of your testing.

  • This will allow you time to ask questions or get clarification on any of the results prior to the final report being finalized.

  • The 4th and final financial installment will be due at this appointment.

A NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION for your Feedback Session will result in a $200.00 charge.

5. Getting Your Report

  • Your report will take around 6 weeks to complete.  Once completed your report will be ready for pick-up or can be sent via mail.  An FHW staff member will contact you to arrange the details.

  • An additional copy of the report will be sent to the referring provider.  

  • If you are needing the report to be sent to other providers please let our team know so we can facilitate the release of records.

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