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Telehealth (Limited)

How to access your care at Frontier Health and Wellness


* Please note that as of July 2022 FHW providers will be reducing their telehealth services for only urgent and emergent situations and must be scheduled with prior approval from the FHW contracted provider. 

Traditional, In-Office appointments are the safest, most clinically accurate and successful form of psychiatric and mental health treatment, which is why telehealth is only to be used if no other options are available.

Telehealth services are only available with provider approval.

Telehealth Details

To access and FHW providers online telehealth portal, click the buttons above or for

  • Please open the Doxy links a few minutes prior to your appointment.

    • We highly recommend that you go through this process at least once before your appointment to try the system out and test your connection.

  • Safe, secure and HIPAA compliant.

  • No apps to download. 

  • No account to log into.  

  • No personal information to provide.

  • Can be done on most internet browsers (it does not work reliably on Microsoft Edge).

  • A separate consent must be filled out prior to the use of this service.

Dr. David Hjellen click here:

Victoria Swatek, LPC, CATP click here: 

Olivia Harris, PMHNP click here:

Tina DeMure, PMHNP click here:

Dr. Erin L Johnson click here:

Dr. Rachel S Woods click here:

Dr. Spencer Augustin click here:

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