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What to Expect

Individual Therapy Services

Setting an Appointment

  • Call the office to give a brief synopsis of what you are looking for in therapy

  • Therapist will review your information and provide a call back to determine if the therapist will be a good fit.

  • If the therapist and client agree this will be a good fit the receptionist will send out the appropriate paperwork to start the therapeutic process

  • All paperwork will need to be filled out prior to scheduling the first appointment also called an intake.


  • Client will come to the office and check-in with the secretary stating their reason for their visit.

  • The intake will take 2 hours to review all paperwork and answer any questions the client may have. This session will likely include the parents/guardians and children. Part of the intake session could provide the parents and child individual time with the therapist to express their thoughts and feelings of what they want to gain from therapy.

    •  An additional consult may be needed to complete the intake process. This consult will not cost an additional fee and will be for the client and therapist to build rapport and/or gather any missing information. This session will range from 30-60 minutes. 

Treatment Plan
  • Once the intake process is complete, a session will be scheduled to review the clients individualized treatment plan created for the client. This session will take around 30-60 minutes and client and parents of minors will attend.

  • When treatment goals and objectives are reviewed and agreed upon the first individual session will be scheduled.  

Individual Sessions

  • The first session will be based on rapport building with the client and will last between 45-60 minutes with only the client.

  • When leaving each session all clients will check-out with the secretary on their way out to ensure the next session is scheduled and financial obligations are completed.

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